Learn the historic explanation behind the long standing superstition of bananas on boats.
By Capt. Joe Wenegenofsky

Superstitions and fishing are two things which have always gone hand in hand. When you consider the innumerable variables that often coincide with a day on the water and influence its outcome, this relationship isn’t at all surprising. On any given trip you could encounter issues with tackle failure, mechanical breakdowns, electronic malfunction, unstable or volatile weather, poorly applied tactics or techniques, physical hazards/injuries, etc. Likewise, a body of game fish or baitfish that have displayed a predictable pattern for a matter of days or weeks could suddenly and virtually inexplicably change behaviors and/or location. Yes, there is only so much predictability in the realm of fishing. Just when you think you have everything dialed in, you know the bite and have your vessel and gear in perfect functioning order, some random “x-factor” goes and compromises your best efforts. With so much inherent uncertainty surrounding a day at sea, many anglers will do whatever they can to avoid putting an inadvertent hex on a trip no matter how silly it may seem. - Read more at: The

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